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What most of us think of as healthcare is more appropriately called “disease care.” Until recently, that has been the focus of American medicine. Instead of helping people stay healthy and avoid disease, chronic illness, digestive problems, obesity, childhood obesity, joint pain, ALS disease and Parkinson’s disease, most American doctors see people who are already sick and try to eliminate or simply manage their symptoms.

By combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine Dr. Jeffrey Kotulski, a specialist in osteopathic medicine and functional medicine, can help you cross the bridge from disease care to optimal health and wellness – true healthcare. He has helped thousands of people of all ages overcome or avoid health problems, using their bodies’ natural healing abilities with proven hands-on and natural therapies.

As a triple board-certified doctor of osteopathy, Dr. Kotulski is uniquely qualified to address a wide variety of conditions. Instead of treating symptoms, Dr. Kotulski focuses on preventive care and an effective “whole-body” approach to symptom elimination.

When the human mind, body and spirit are integrated and working harmoniously, their power is remarkable. And Dr. Kotulski is at the forefront of the paradigm shift that is already occurring in Western medicine – toward true preventive healthcare.

Crossing the bridge to optimal health and wellness starts with your personal consultation with Dr. Kotulski. Call 507.388.7488 or use our Request an Appointment form today! We serve the communities of Mankato, New Ulm, St Peter, St Paul, Minneapolis and nearby areas.

Here are some of the things our patients are saying...

In 2006 I was faced with the news everyone dreads. “You have grade 4 lung cancer – the non smoking kind and have 4-6 months to live.” The bottom dropped out of my world! Everyone I love suffered with me, it was apparent on their faces and in their eyes. I could hear their hearts breaking as they rallied to care for me in order to meet my needs.

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, American Board of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Osteopathy
Chicago College of Osteopathic
Medicine, Chicago, IL
Exercise Physiology, George Williams College,
Downers Grove, IL

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