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Corporate fitness, wellness and success coaching for corporate productivity and profit

When the human mind, body and spirit are integrated, healthy and working harmoniously, their power is incredble. Why not put that power to work in your business or organization?

Keeping your company and employees healthy and productive

Today’s busy American lifestyle can greatly affect the health of workers in all types of businesses. Stress, late nights at the office, fast-food lunches, missed meals and shift work can all create havoc with our body’s immune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. Ultimately, this can negatively impact your company’s productivity and bottom line. Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey Kotulski at Between the Bridges Healing Center offers corporate wellness programs to help workers optimize their health and well-being. His programs can save companies like yours thousands of dollars in healthcare expenses and insurance premiums.

In fitness and in health

Dr. Kotulski’s corporate wellness program is a structured six- to eight-session program that starts with a complete health history, exam and specialized tests for each employer/employee. We use that information to create a fully customized program that incorporates exercise, vitamin supplements, nutrition information, lifestyle enhancement and healthy eating habits. Dr. Kotulski will also provide baseline data from which to track results. This helps him modify your program for maximum results, as needed.

Coaching is not just for sports

Dr. Kotulski also coaches managers and workers to manage stress and work more productively. He teaches them how to “work smart” in order to avoid on-the-job injuries, missed work days and unnecessary stress. Prevention sounds like such a simple idea, yet it’s one that can save your company thousands of dollars in Workers’ Compensation claims, lost hours and lost productivity. At the end of each program, participants will have the tools necessary to maintain healthy, productive work lives and lives beyond work.

Your investment pays off

Remember, investing in office equipment and technology is only one part of having a successful business. Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Whether you’re an employer or employee, Dr. Kotulski’s corporate programs can empower you in ways you never thought possible to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

For more information about our corporate programs, call 507.388.7488. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kotulski by simply filling out our Request an Appointment form. Our corporate wellness clients come to us from Mankato, New Ulm, St Peter, St Paul, Minneapolis and close-by locations..

Here are some of the things our patients are saying...

In 2006 I was faced with the news everyone dreads. “You have grade 4 lung cancer – the non smoking kind and have 4-6 months to live.” The bottom dropped out of my world! Everyone I love suffered with me, it was apparent on their faces and in their eyes. I could hear their hearts breaking as they rallied to care for me in order to meet my needs.

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, American Board of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Osteopathy
Chicago College of Osteopathic
Medicine, Chicago, IL
Exercise Physiology, George Williams College,
Downers Grove, IL

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