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A safer, smarter prescription for health supplements

No focus on optimal health is complete without special consideration for proper nutrition and supplementation. At Between the Bridges Health Supplement Center, you’ll find a strong emphasis on your body’s actual nutritional needs and immune system boosters. In addition to designing a customized supplementation program, we provide the actual supplements. These special formulations are safe, clinically certified for purity and effective.

As a triple board-certified doctor of osteopathy, Dr. Jeffrey Kotulski is uniquely qualified to address the nutritional needs of the human body. Instead of just helping you eat better, Dr. Kotulski focuses on proper supplementation to ensure that every client is getting exactly what their body needs to achieve the best possible health.

Physician-supervised nutritional supplementation

Between the Bridges Health Supplement Center is about prescribing and providing proper, physician-supervised dietary supplementation and improved nutrition. The center’s number-one mission is to provide the highest-quality nutritional supplements for our clients. The center carries many categories of supplements – including metabolic support, immune system boosters, detoxification, essential fatty acids, brain health, digestve system/gastrointestinal health and stress management, plus numerous additional ortho-molecular options.

Safe, effective formulations

These specially formulated and safety-tested products are available for men’s and women’s health, immune support, inflammation and joint support as well as weight management and fitness training/performance support supplements. The products are all GMP-certified with pure ingredients that have been identity-tested on many levels. They include safety-reviewed ingredients and human clinical evaluations. The staff at Between the Bridges Healing Center can answer your specific questions about supplement use.

Our clients have access to other health-related items, including books, medical foods, skin care and cosmetics, exercise equipment and gear. These items are also available from the online and on-site stores at Between the Bridges Healing Center.

Far-reaching benefits

The benefits are far reaching, from improved immune system boosters and nutritional support for the whole body to the prevention of many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders, digestive system diseases and osteoporosis.

Your personal supplement prescription

Your prescription will be formulated by Dr. Kotulski, the medical director of our Between the Bridges Health Supplement Center. In addition to his training as an osteopathic medicine physician, he has spent years studying human nutrition and supplementation for optimal health.

For more information about nutritional supplements, call us at 507.388.7488. For your convenience, you can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Kotulski by using our Request an Appointment form. Our nutritional supplementation patients visit us from Mankato, New Ulm, St Peter, St Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Here are some of the things our patients are saying...

In 2006 I was faced with the news everyone dreads. “You have grade 4 lung cancer – the non smoking kind and have 4-6 months to live.” The bottom dropped out of my world! Everyone I love suffered with me, it was apparent on their faces and in their eyes. I could hear their hearts breaking as they rallied to care for me in order to meet my needs.

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, American Osteopathic Board of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, American Board of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Osteopathy
Chicago College of Osteopathic
Medicine, Chicago, IL
Exercise Physiology, George Williams College,
Downers Grove, IL

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