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Are you looking for a weight loss approach customized based on your body and goals? Has your body changed after battling cancer or other health complications? Are you uncomfortable in gyms with others watching? Between the Bridges offers individualized plans to get you looking and feeling your best in our exercise center. Working with our exercise specialist one-on-one allows you to get the best possible workout without feeling self-conscious about being watched by others.

Between the Bridges offers an integrative healthcare approach to fitness along with additional services, such as a far infrared sauna, hydromassage bed, and the HOCATT machine, to supplement your fitness journey.

Services are provided by Trina Nett. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with exercise, Trina will take the time to explain the proper form to make sure you have a good workout experience and meet your fitness goals based on your individualized exercise plan. Trina makes each workout fun and different while ensuring you work out at a comfortable level based on your exercise experience.

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Reach your fitness goals and create your own personalized exercise plan by making an appointment today. Call our front reception desk at (507) 388-7488  to make an appointment. To see other medical services that we offer, visit

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