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Is PRP Therapy Right for You?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an increasingly popular treatment option for patients. It can benefit those experiencing pain, soreness, and instability due to various musculoskeletal conditions. PRP involves taking a patient’s own blood, isolating and concentrating the platelets, and then re-injecting them into the area of injury.

It can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, promote healing, and decrease pain associated with soft tissue damage. Let’s talk about when PRP therapy is right for you and where you can go for this therapy in Mankato, MN.

1. When You Experience Chronic Pain or Soreness

If you have chronic pain or soreness that is not responding to other forms of treatment, PRP may be right for you.

Degenerative joint diseases are some of the most common causes of chronic pain. The sensation also occurs for injuries that don’t heal properly.

PRP therapy can help reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the affected area. In turn, this could provide significant relief from your symptoms.

2. When You Have Instability in Your Joints

PRP therapy can be beneficial if you have joint instability due to wear and tear or an injury. Joint instability often results from soft tissue damage or these injuries:

  • ACL tears – tears resulting in the anterior cruciate ligament, a major stabilizing structure of the knee
  • Meniscus tears – tears resulting in the C-shaped cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the knee
  • Rotator cuff tears – tears in any of the four tendons that support the shoulder joint

PRP therapy can help promote healing and provide much-needed stability to your weakened joint. It can also reduce pain and improve range of motion.

The platelets contained in PRP promote healing and help repair damaged tissues.

3. When You Are Recovering from an Injury or Surgery

PRP can speed up the recovery process after an injury or surgery by promoting healing and reducing inflammation.

This benefit makes PRP therapy excellent for athletes looking to return into the game quickly.

It can also be helpful in the recovery process after an orthopedic surgery such as:

  • Shoulder or knee arthroscopy – a minimally invasive procedure to repair joint damage
  • Joint replacement – a surgical procedure that replaces damaged joints with artificial ones
  • ACL repair – a procedure to repair the anterior cruciate ligament
  • Rotator cuff repair – a procedure to repair the tendons that support the shoulder joint

PRP can help reduce the pain and swelling associated with these types of surgeries. It can also help improve circulation and blood flow, which is essential for healing.

4. When You Have a Soft Tissue Injury

PRP therapy can help patients with soft tissue injuries such as the following:

  • Tendonitis – an inflammation of the tendons
  • Bursitis – an inflammation of a bursa, which is a small sac filled with fluid
  • Ligament sprains – an injury to a ligament, which is a band of tough fibrous tissues that connects two bones
  • Muscle strains – an injury to a muscle or tendon

Platelets injected into the affected area can help reduce inflammation and improve circulation. This can help speed up the healing process and reduce pain.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

PRP therapy works by harnessing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The platelets contained in PRP release growth factors that promote the proliferation of cells and stimulate collagen production. This helps repair damaged tissues and improve function. The anti-inflammatory effects of PRP also help reduce pain and swelling.

During the treatment, your provider will draw blood from your arm. Then, they will concentrate the platelets by spinning the sample in a centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the injured area.

PRP therapy provides a safe and effective way to stimulate the natural healing process and improve patient outcomes. The treatment carries low risks since it uses the patient’s own blood.

The temporary and minor side effects patients may experience include:

  • Minor pain or discomfort at the injection site
  • Bruising or redness at the injection site
  • Headache

Your doctor will determine if PRP therapy is right for you based on your medical history and the nature of your injury or condition.

PRP Therapy in Mankato, MN

Are you looking for a clinic that offers PRP therapy near you in Mankato? You can rely on the trusted and well-regarded practice of Between the Bridges Healing Center. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Kotulski, our team will ensure you receive the best integrative holistic medicine services.

To find out more about our services, call us today at (507) 388-7488 or use our online appointment request form to request a consultation with one of our healthcare providers.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the benefits of PRP therapy!

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